One application to manage the entire optician's.

From easy order management to satisfied customers.

What can OptiLynx do?

All transactions clearly

Overview of items in the cash register, monthly cash register journal, history of the cash register including its opening and closing times, and an overview of the cash register in any time period, all offered by OptiLynx.

Customer records

You will obtain a perfect record of customers and revenues, and you can additionally process the data statistically. OptiLynx fully supports corporate clientele, including invoice sales.


Keep all orders clearly and securely stored. Orders are color-coded based on their status - new, ready for pickup, issued. You can easily find an order by its number or the customer's name.


Utilize OptiLynx for inventory management as well. You can filter items according to various parameters, and furthermore, inventory items are directly linked to the cash register. Additionally, you have all invoices at hand, including their detailed breakdowns. Do you have multiple warehouses or branches? OptiLynx allows you to easily transfer items between warehouses.

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